Tour Is A Four Letter Word concert - Jason Mraz @ Jakarta

It was on Jakarta's birthday, 22 June 2012, when Jason Mraz held his 3rd concert in Indonesia. I vowed myself when he held his own concert, I'll be there. He performed in Java Jazz couple years ago, and last year held an acoustic concert in Bali.

I was a little bit disappointed with the audience ticket class arrangements. Usually I came to the concert where you get best view if you come earlier. But no, this time, VIP got the closest spot to the stage, and others in the back. Which means, with my regular ticket, I got the third layer in audience arrangements. So, the pictures weren't satisfying.

What made his music different, was his additional violin player (whom I can't remember her name) but she reminded me of Markéta Irglova. Jason also played many of his songs medley style, or with different arrangements, inserting other instruments between the chorus. You know now that he created music flowing like rivers, soothing and easy going. Plus his lyrics are encouraging and made me reflect it to my own life. Huge bonus!

As usual, Indonesian viewers loves to sing along (in hits songs). He said something like this, 'you should all be our choir. We're gonna need 9 planes to fit you all.' When the audience got quiet, he likes to freeze himself with goofy face to make us laugh. And, also, 23rd June is his birthday and so we sang happy birthday song to him. I have the feeling he's a bit mellow (much of his songs lately), maybe he's maturer or...going through some hard stuffs. He sang Mr. Curiosity after the happy birthday song, said he created the song in his birthday last year.

He sang every hit song he has, even made me want to hear more of them. I keep listening to Love is a four letter word album these days. 

Well, thank you Jason Mraz, for coming this year and make my wish come true. Best of luck with your life and love.

This was his last song to play in the concert :

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