We Are One Tonight

Switchfoot finally comes back to Indonesia. I missed their concert in 2008. And I love their "Gravity" album. They made their show in the city called Intimate Concert, does felt more like a gig.

This is by far the most rockin' concert I have ever attended. I probably wasn't on the best place to listen to loud music. But, rock pumps your whole energy by instant. I kind of needed it that moment. It was a great night, but I wished they sang my fave song "Head Over Heels" and "Enough To Let Me Go". It is the first time I go to a concert with my sister, so it was a double nice moment.

2 komentar:

mif said...

Yay, akhirnya :D

Andina said...

hehe...udah liat link videonya blum bay? gw posting di facebook.

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