Pale White Truck (and me)

Another meaningless photos, 
never mind the cause and the story is just a bonus, 
just enjoy the beauty.

 She walks outside. She said "I need an air."
 "A white truck!" she thinks, when she finds a white truck outside.
 She studied the white truck and feel like a little girl in an adventure.

 "Maybe I could find something," she thinks.
 She climbed up and search the window.
 "Are you there?" She search.
 But all she sees is the reflections of her face.
 She left the truck and felt silly.
Somehow she sees him in the shadows.
 She then sits in the footsteps of the truck and waits....
....for him to come.

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real life...dreams...who knows.. said...


Andina said...

hahaha bener :p sudah diperbaiki *grin*

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