Java Jazz 2011

After nearly skipped the event, we managed to come to the show on a rainy and windy Sunday before afternoon. It is our first time and I always wanted to know what to fuss is about. They say many of them did not really into Jazz and go here just for the cool 'image'. I must admit, I am not that into Jazz either but still want to know what it feels like to be there.

I did spot many young people here with daring and most fashionable style. It did felt like a very hip place. We only managed to see three shows; Los Amigos, Drew and Fariz RM (half show).

The most interesting show we watched that day was Drew. This talented Indonesian band could almost play anything and we were both impressed. They played a medley of Grammy songs; Forget You, Firework, Love The Way You Lie and their own songs. Not only they were talented, but they managed to feature three talented musicians; Bayu Risa, Andi Rianto and Kaka Slank. So it was a big bonus for us who spontaneously decided to watch them. I find the vocalist is pretty easy going and a good communicator to the audience. Their album is coming out soon.

Fariz RM gave performance in a very big auditorium hall. I guess it makes sense considering this huge amount of people wanted to see him that afternoon. He sang his old tunes which is very '90s to me, and we spot teenagers there and doubted if they understand the music =)

There were approximately a 1000 people have taken pictures in this exact spot (picture above), I did not watch Mr. Santana but I bet he gave a remarkable show =)

in one of the small auditorium in Java Jazz

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yuyuk said...

tahun ini akhirnya menyerah untuk absen di java jazz karena satu dan lain hal, semoga taun depan bisa ikut rame-rame lagi disana ... i hope so

salam kenal, blogwalking siang :)

Andina said...

okey :)

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