Pasar Seni ITB in 10.10.10

Every 4 years, the college students from art and design faculty in ITB held Pasar Seni ITB. This year the event was held in 10-10-2010, in just 10 hours.

It was mainly a celebration of art and culture. Big artists, street artists, many art stands and art performance, modern meets culture. Like it was said in the news, it's not just for recreation, but it is a spirit symbol of an era (Zeitgeist). It was a must see event for art students and art lovers, but open for all people. For alumnis, it's a great moment to meet each other. Ofcourse, after striving swim in oceans of people :)

In that day, there were 700 weddings (from I passed 2 events to come here. I don't want to miss it. I owe it to the faculty and I actually miss seeing my own campus :)

Captured in the digicam. Edited by Andina.

2 komentar:

mif said...

hoee, dah dipaasaang. keren ndiin ^^

ThreeLilly said...

iya.. meskipun digicam doang, tp diakalin dikit biar keliatan bagus :)

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