Note from Last Year

I read my own words in a notebook, I found it encouraging


written in 26 December 2009

It's four days to 2010... what can I say about 2009?
It's full of disappointment, soul searching, confusion, there's separation and unsolved anger...
but there's also happiness, joy, love, faithful, learning new way to communicate, to ourselves and others.

Daily life can make us forget about what's really going on, what bothers us, forgetting ourselves is not something we want. I have learn that we grow more, reaching new things we thought too adult. And now it makes sense, because we reached some point that we are ready to a new level.

Some say, 'You're crazy',
some say 'It's too late',
But it's never too late to go for what you want
(thanks to my best friends to remind me that)

There's new level of trust and understanding. Some people move on, some people holding on.

So what do you want? Learn again? New challenge? Yes.

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