Kings of Convenience Concert 2010

Hollywood Nobody - Jazz music - so nice to hear
 The Kings of Convenience

Jens Lenkman
Jens Lenkman
the talented White Shoes and The Couples Company

still WSATCC
Sari from WSATCC

me and my friend, Ari, one of the crowds that night

When KOC had their first concert here, I never listened to them before. But I listened to them not so long after the concert. And I regret never watch it. 
So when Soundshine held the concert in March 2010, I was so determined to see the talented duo. Double excitement to me, because White Shoes & The Couples Company is their opening band. It was also one of the best gifts I have ever have for my birthday (Thanks to Yongkek). You just can't buy the moments. 

If I could just repeat the night.....

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